MAX efficiency. MAX reliability. MAX passenger appeal

The 737 MAX incorporates the best of future engine technologies for unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability and passenger appeal.

MAX Efficiency includes 8% lower operating costs than its main competitors. The new 737 MAX Advanced Technology winglet provides an increase in fuel efficiency of up to 1.8%.

MAX Reliability means that, building on the 99.7% airline dispatch reliability of the Next-Generation 737, an airline with a fleet of 100 737 MAXs will avoid delaying over 65,000 passengers compared to using its competitor.

MAX Passenger Appeal is found in the new Boeing Sky Interior, which dramatically elevates the passenger experience, creating preference and loyalty.

For better environmental performance, the superior fuel efficiency of the 737 MAX reduces carbon emissions. And the noise footprint of the 737 MAX is improved for airlines and airport communities, at 40% smaller than today's single-aisle airplanes.



The New 737 MAX

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