Bigger AND Better Still

The 787-10 Dreamliner will be the third and longest member of the super-efficient 787 family. It will set a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and operating economics. The 787-10 will be 25% more efficient than airplanes of its size today and more than 10% better than anything offered by the competition for the future. Final assembly and flight test of the 787-10 are set to begin in 2017, with first delivery targeted for 2018.

1,000th Dreamliner Ordered is a 787-10

Etihad’s order of thirty 787-10 Dreamliners in November 2013 pushed the number of Dreamliners ordered over 1,000. The 787 has reached this milestone substantially faster than any other twin aisle airplane by meeting the needs of the market. Achieving this milestone in approximately half the time as its predecessors is a tribute to the Dreamliner’s excellent value and performance.

Etihad Orders the 787-10

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