• As of December 10th, 2014
  • 23 Customers
  • 176,120 Revenue Flights
  • 370,530,348 Revenue Miles Flown
  • 33,022,550 Estimated Passengers Flown

The Dreamliner is Reaching New Heights

The Dreamliner has surpassed two significant milestones — it has carried more than 20 million passengers on more than 100,000 revenue flights to destinations around the world. To put those numbers into perspective, 20 million 2014 World Cup fans would fill the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janiero 256 times. It is also the metropolitan population of New York, USA; Osaka, Japan or Mexico City, Mexico. One hundred thousand revenue flights equals nearly 200,000,000 miles — That’s equivalent to 8,000 trips around the world at the equator or to the moon and back 415 times! If you’ve flown on the 787, THANK YOU! We’d love for you to share how it was to #FlyTheDream.

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787 Milestones

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Proving the promise, the 787 is flying to long haul destinations around the world more fuel efficiently, with less environmental impact, and most importantly, with a more comfortable experience for travelers.

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With 20 airlines now flying the Dreamliner, the 787 has flown more than 100,000 revenue flights. See where they are flying by checking out our 787 Flight Tracker. And check out these blog posts talking about their Dreamliner experiences on the airlines shown.